Littleton Youth Sports Scholarships - The Mighty Oak Fund donates funds to the youth programs within Littleton to be used for Scholarships for those who may need help with the registration fee.

The Mighty Tiger Scholarship - Since 2018, The Mighty Oak Fund has awarded Littleton High School varsity basketball players with the Mighty Tiger Award. The winners are chosen by the coaching staff. Scholarships have ranged between $500 -$1500.

The Mighty Oak Fund Scholarship - Since 2020, The Mighty Oak Fund has awarded this scholarship to both a male & female student- athlete graduate from Littleton High School. The winners are chosen by a committee of up to 9 members. Scholarships have grown from $1500 -$2200. In a short period of time.

The Robert J Chrenc Memorial Endowment Scholarship - Held at St.John's University in Queens, NY, this Endowment was established in 2011. The Endowment has grown to be over $300,000.